How many times have you looked across a dinner table and seen someone you loved sitting there with you?  Have you ever anticipated the smile on someone’s face as you prepared a meal? What about a memory of a special time that was long ago, that involved great food and the love of friends and family?

That’s what “Share the Love” is all about! No matter what part of the world you live in, what your culture is or what generation you are, “food” has always been associated with warm, loving smiles, friends, family, bonding and special occasions.  These are memories that we’ll hold dear from childhood until the end of our lives.  Cherish them and create more of these special times so that you are sharing the love; because food and love go hand in hand!

Give some cookies to someone you love, share your recipe with a new friend, invite someone over to your home for a Tuesday night dinner and watch what happens!  There will be smiles, laughter, interesting conversations, trivial tidbits, and at the end of the night a big ‘Thank you.”  I’ll just bet some before the evening is over some hugs will be coming your way too!

Guess what I’m sharing tonight? The Coconut Delight Southern Cake! I can’t wait to see the smiles that appear after my friends take a bite of this moist, rich and delicious cake.

Bon Appetit!

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