Sitting on the porch in the evening during the summertime is always a great end to a long day. Drinking Kool-Aid or Strawberry soda; playing marbles and watching the old folks sit on the porch and talk about what, where and why. No matter what the conversation was there was always a lot of laughing and eye winking.

The Frelix sisters (Sis, Monk, Honey and Doll) from Greenwood, Mississippi where known in Mesa, Arizona for their savory dishes, lots of good food and a no nonsense way of life. You could always go from house to house on any given Sunday or Holiday and eat until you felt like your sides were ready to burst open. Always welcoming whoever knocked on their door with a smile and a voice that said, “Come on in, get you a plate and sit down.”

There will never be a better time in life that is remembered, than growing up on Pima, Sirrine and Pasadena Streets in Mesa. Remembering the Frelix sisters sitting on the porch in the summertime…..Hmmm, I wonder how big their porch is in heaven.

Good southern cooks that made food with love that was…Simply Irresistible!